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In the hot North Carolina summers, there is no doubt that you will need a working air conditioner in your car. Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest offers diagnosis and repair of car air conditioners on top of the other services we provide. If you are having problems with your air conditioner and you live in the Wake Forest area then bring your vehicle into Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest to have the job done right.


Our shop features a 15,000 square foot vehicle repair facility. All 10 bays are ready to handle any kind of repair job you might have - including air conditioning. No matter if you have a domestic car - like a Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet - or an import vehicle - like a Mercedez, Auid, BMW, or Toyota - our crews are ready to handle air conditioning repair jobs for all makes and models of vehicles.


There are many reasons why the air conditioner in your car might give out. There are several specialized parts which are involved in cooling air, and any of these could wear out or break as time passes. Additionally, if you don't use your air conditioner for months at a time, the unit can actually become damaged and have to be replaced.


We have the great opportunity of owning a well established auto repair shop, and over the years we have been able to purchase all of the air conditioning repair tools which any job will require. That's why we can say “yes” to your car air conditioning job with great confidence. It is the years of experience and effective business practice that make us capable of doing the job right the first time. We truly appreciate the Wake Forest community, and view ourselves as part of an economy of small, local businesses. It is this support net of local employment that makes Wake Forest such a great place to live. That's why we are committed to keeping jobs local, and supporting the North Carolina economy as the years pass.


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