What to Do If You See a Check Engine Light Come On


The check engine light in your automobile may come on for several reasons. Typically, it is best to have a professional inspect your vehicle from top to bottom if your check engine light comes on. When the check engine light illuminates, it usually means that there is a risk of a serious engine failure lurking somewhere in the internal mechanical happenings of your motor vehicle. So, if you see a check engine light in Wake Forest, come on down to Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest, North Carolina.


If you have any doubt in your mind about the integrity of your vehicle's engine, then it's time to have an inspection done by a professional. The experts at Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest are trained to diagnose and repair any engine problems your car may face. We work fast, and we do the job right.


The expert automobile technicians at Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest are fully equipped with cutting edge motor vehicle diagnostic tools. The modern car is a very sophisticated machine, composed not only of hundreds of mechanical parts, but complex electronics and computers which regulate the performance and safety features of a vehicle. The shop at Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest is chock full of diagnostic tools for engines, computers, and electronics of all kinds. No matter if you have an import, a performance vehicle, or a domestic car.


Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest has a 15,000 square foot auto shop with 10 repair bays. That means our technicians have plenty of space to work, and can prioritize repairing your car. We don't have to sit around and wait for space to open up - our mechanics can get to work right away if your check engine light is illuminated. With ample space to work, cutting edge diagnostic tools and technologies, and a convenient location, Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest is the best place to bring your car if you have a check engine light turn on.


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