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Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest is North Carolina's leading car tune up facility. Our team of professionals are capable of understanding the details of every model that comes into our shop - from domestics to imports. Even sport performance vehicles can benefit greatly from regular tune ups. The experts at Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest are fully trained to perform timely and thorough tuneups on all makes and models of automobiles available today.


At Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest we recommend that you have your vehicle tuned up by professionals at least once a year. It is a very good idea to have a professional take a look at your car on a regular bases. Frequent inspections are the best way to avoid costly repair jobs from neglect. Sometimes, an oil change isn't adequate to cover all of the bases in vehicle maintenance. The best thing to do is a get a complete tune up, because these jobs are more complete and holistic in nature. Getting a tune up is a great way to improve your fuel efficiency, too.


Only an experienced professional really knows the nuts and bolts of today's automobiles, and can see the different kinds of wear and tear that a car may face. By seeing a part wearing out, an accident can be prevented before it happens. This can avoid expensive repair scenarios in the future, since usually when something in an engine breaks, it affects other components, as well. It is this kind of compounded damage that you risk if you neglect frequent tune ups for your car.


If you want to be sure about how often to tune up your car, truck, van, or SUV, then consult your auto dealer. Another place to look is in the owners manual that came with your vehicle. Alternatively, you can consult one of the technicians here at Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest. They will know exactly what kinds of problems are common to your personal vehicle and can give you an idea for how often a tune up will be beneficial.


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