Automobile Inspections- NC Emission and Safety Inspections


North Carolina requires auto inspections for all cars which they register. A safety inspection is required in all counties, and an additional emissions test is required in most places, too. Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest provides both services at the lowest rates in the region. Our expert technicians understand the requirements and can certify that your car is both safe and environmentally friendly in a fast and affordable manner. Bring your vehicle to Auto Repair and Quick Lube of Wake Forest for North Carolina safety and emissions inspections today.


If you are registering a vehicle, you need to have both of these inspections completed to ensure that the vehicle registration process goes smoothly.Regardless of your personal opinions on the matter, North Carolina law requires emissions inspections for every vehicle which is registered.


With these legal requirements in place, North Carolina has proven its dedication to both the personal safety of its residents and to reducing the impact of carbon emissions on our environment. The air we breathe is shared by all of us, and the ecosystem as a whole. Therefore, emissions tests are a great way to ensure that the air we breathe is safe for all of us.


Regardless of whether you think your vehicle is safe, inspection from a professional is always best - and required by North Carolina law. The technicians at Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest can verify that your vehicle is safe to drive. We can also give recommendations on repairs which will be required if you vehicle does not meet the North Carolina state government requirements. On top of this, we can provide low rates to bring your vehicle up to par with the safety requirements the government has defined. Whether you need upgraded brakes or steering mechanisms, our team of mechanics is ready to complete any safety requirement job you might need.


Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest is a convenient location for all of those living in the region, and is easy to access if you live in the Greater Wake Forest Area. We offer the best rates in the region for North Carolina emission and safety inspections.


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