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Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest is one of the few tire sales specialists in the larger Wake Forest region. We can identify the needs of your vehicle, your driving habits, and help you purchase the best tires for your personal needs. Best of all, we can assure you that we have the best prices in North Carolina. Our team can quickly replace your old, worn tires with fantastic new tires that will improve your gas mileage and provide additional safety while you drive.


Here at Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest, we only stock the highest quality tires that money can buy. We want all of our customers to get the best value possible when they buy new tires in North Carolina. Therefore, we have hand selected every line of car and truck tires that we carry. Only the best brands of new tires are stocked on our shelves.


One of the best things about buying tires from Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest is that we have the expertise to change your tires out. If you are ready to buy new tires, there is no reason to take on the chore of replacing your tires on your own. Instead, trust the experts at Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest. Our 15,000 square foot shop has 10 bays where our professionals work continuously. Therefore, we can change your tires out in a timely fashion.


There are many benefits to buying new tires. First, the primary safety feature on your car is its maneuverability. If you can avoid an accident by swerving quickly or braking on a dime, then you can save a lot of money and prevent serious injuries and the hassle of insurance claims. Therefore, making sure your tires are in top condition is one of the best investments you can make.


In addition to accident avoidance benefits, buying new tires from Auto Care and Quick Lube of Wake Forest will help your car or truck get better gas mileage. When tread is fresh and tire pressures are up to the correct levels, you will have more secure contact with the road. Reducing this lag will save you lots of money on fuel.


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